Your Project’s Human Side

„Project shaping with FLUUNT helps you to avoid typical risks by considering the complexity of organizational and human change in your project set-up.“


Project management best practices primarily focus on the structure and mechanics of a project and less on the complex dynamics of the many soft factors involved. We call them the „human side of projects“. This imbalance tends to produce a fairly mechanistic stakeholder and risk management approach. And that’s why projects usually run into „unforeseen“ issues. To avoid this, we use a pragmatic framework which complements your project with modern change management best practices. In this way, you are better able to cope with the fact that many technology projects are at the same time complex change projects.


Project shaping with FLUUNT – your benefit

A recent study by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) shows why projects usually fail (see chart). Soft factors may be responsible for at least five of the main reasons: (1) Inaccurate requirements gathering, (2) Change in project objectives, (3) Inadequate vision or goal for the project, (4) inadequate/poor communication, (5) Poor change management. Project Shaping with FLUUNT addresses precisely these topics and can significantly reduce your project risk.


PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® 2018
From PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® 2018 – Project Management Institute


Project shaping with FLUUNT – the principle

Dealing with the human factor in projects is rarely in the comfort zone of technically or commercially oriented teams. Nevertheless, the success of the project depends significantly on it. Project shaping with FLUUNT starts here. We provide a framework that opens a way to apply useful fields of psychology and brain research for the good of the project and make them available to all parties involved. In this way, you are able to proactively, openly and transparently accompany the required change processes during the course of the project.


Project shaping with FLUUNT – the approach

Project Shaping is applicable for both new projects and projects already in crisis. We will work intensively on your project set-up by following the recommendations of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and the Scrum Framework in order to (re)structure your project together with you. In addition, we integrate a practical framework which inables you to better accompany the underlying change processes. The framework can be designed according to your company-specific situation.