Customer Centricity 2023

„Digital Strategizing with FLUUNT helps you to think strategy and change as one integrated approach, and implement both of them sustainably.“


How will you achieve the next level of customer engagement? Digital initiatives possibly can help you there, but they also may lead your business into unexpected issues. What you might want to focus on therefore is how well these initiatives fit into your organization and how well they address profitable customers. That’s why an important element of our Digital Strategizing approach is to involve your employees in the strategic decision-making process in a structured manner – as subject matter experts for customers and processes. In this way you will both take advantage of business-relevant employee and customer knowledge and lay the foundation for a sustainable digital change.


Digital Strategizing with FLUUNT – your benefit

Digital Strategizing is an alternative approach to external digital consulting. Its focus is not on the latest digital fashion, but on the organic development of your business model together with your employees. Based on simple prototypes, individual digital ideas can be tested right away without taking a huge financial risk.


Digital Strategizing with FLUUNT – the principle

Their day-to-day business makes your employees constantly aware of customer pains: This awareness often turns out to be valuable for digital initiatives. During the Digital Strategizing process, the internal subject matter experts exchange knowledge with external digital experts. We consciously let those two worlds collide in order to initiate the ideation process as well as to identify digitally affine employees who could act as change agents for the digital transformation.


Digital Strategizing with FLUUNT – the approach

The Digital Strategizing Process makes use of appropriate process models from the disciplines of Innovation Management, Change Management and Results-Oriented Coaching, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and Prototyping. During the process we support you as moderators, business analysts, facilitators and coaches. Together with you, we create the right conditions to maintain day-to-day business and maintain the motivation of your employees.